2020 North End Halloween Tour and Scavenger Hunt
Oct 23, 2020, 12:00 PM – Oct 30, 2020, 10:00 PM
The North End,
North End, Boise, ID, USA

A Family Event Benefitting Camp Rainbow Gold


Event Information

Due to the ongoing risks posed by COVID-19, Harrison Boulevard and the North End will open to traffic and most homes will not be handing out candy on Halloween.  This tour is an opportunity for kids to enjoy the holiday in a safe and fun event that will extend throughout the whole North End and span the entire week before Halloween!  There will be no candy, but kids will be able to view the holiday decorations and check off items for their "visual scavenger hunt."  You will be able to print a map of participating homes and scavenger hunt items before the event.


We are asking that all residents and visitors to our neighborhood consider making an OPTIONAL tax-deductible gift to Camp Rainbow Gold (see donation link at the bottom of this page).   Camp Rainbow Gold is an amazing local charity that serves Idaho children diagnosed with cancer and their families, and Halloween is the perfect time to think of kids in need.  More than any of us, these kids know what it is like to live a life that is not normal or fair, where they miss out on so many milestones and gatherings due to the health risks.  

Please wear masks and socially distance on the tour, for the safety and enjoyment of all participants, particularly the kids battling cancer who are able to attend.

Halloween String Lights
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It's All About the Children.  Love. Hope. Fun.



Camp Rainbow Gold is a local non-profit organization that serves children throughout Idaho.  CRG offers oncology camps for children diagnosed with cancer, as well as sibling and family camps to provide emotionally empowering experiences to the entire family.



Camp Rainbow Gold is more than just camp.  They create multiple wonderful opportunites for pediatric cancer families to gather and support one another throughout the year.



Camp Rainbow Gold serves children diagnosed with cancer throughout their teens and beyond.  They have a monthly teen "Survivors Supporting Survivors" group and they provide ongoing assistance with college scholarships.


A New Place Like Home

CRG will soon welcome campers to a dedicated medical camp that will expand their opportunity to serve the growing number of pediatric cancer families in Idaho as well as to collaborate with other non-profits to allow the medically challenged to enjoy one of the most beautiful and therapeutic places on earth.


Optional Donation to Help Camp Rainbow Gold

 Please list "Halloween Tour 2020" as your donation tribute name.  You may also send a check to CRG at:  Camp Rainbow Gold, 216 West Jefferson, Boise, ID  83702


YES!  Please add my home to the 2020 Halloween Tour!

We hope you can join the tour. Decorations can be up before or after the official tour dates (Oct 23-30), but we ask that they are up the entire week of the tour (weather and life permitting).  If you have any questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to reach out.  A tour map will be available prior to the event.

Thanks for joining the fun!

Tour Map

Halloween Map.PNG

LIST OF HOMES/Scavenger Hunt Items to Spot


900 N. Harrison                              Is it safe to ring the front doorbell?

901 N Harrison                                Who is falling off the roof?

907 N. Harrison                              What fall characters do you see?

912 N. Harrison                               How many spiders do you see?

919 N. Harrison                               What is blinking?

1005 N. Harrison                            How many pumpkins do you see?

1009 N. Harrison                            Which movie character do you see?

1017 N. Harrison                              How Many Black Cats do you see?

1107 N. Harrison                              Who is on the balcony?

1118 N. Harrison                               Can you spot the scary tree?

1201 N. Harrison                             Where do the porch steps lead?

1206 N. Harrison                           

1210 N. Harrison                             What color is the monster?

1213 N. Harrison                             What kind of birds are on the lawn?

1216 N. Harrison                             What is in the yard that you might watch?

1221 N. Harrison

1308 N. Harrison                            Name someone buried here?

1316 N. Harrison                             Who is cooking something? 

1415 N. Harrison                             How many skulls can you count?

1500 N. Harrison                            Who is going to pounce on you?

1510 N. Harrison                             How many ghosts are there?

1601 N. Harrison                             Who is on the roof?

1606 N. Harrison                            What giant reptile do you see?  

1619 N. Harrison                             What is special about the rainbow?

1801 N. Harrison                             Where is the bat?

1806 N. Harrison                            How many tall ghosts do you see?

1810 N. Harrison                            What animal is sitting on a pumpkin?

1900 N. Harrison                            How many clowns are there?

1907 N. Harrison                            What is written on the tombstones?

2004 N. Harrison                          What is the T-rex holding?

2009 N. Harrison                           How many pumpkins have hats?

2010 N. Harrison

2106 N. Harrison                            What job do you think the pumpkins have?

2201 N. Harrison                             What color is the goblin?

1415 W. Fort

412 W. Ada                                        How many spiders do you see?

2313 W. Bella

1602 W. Dora

2012 W. Ridenbaugh

1670 W. Irene                                   What is unusual about the chair?

1700 W. Irene                                   How many witches are making their brew?

2328 W. State                                 Where is Steve from Minecraft?

2418 W. State                                  What do you see looking out the window?

1812 N. 10th

1015 N. 12th                                        What spooky decoration do you see?

1201 N. 12th                                        What insect do you see?

1618 N. 15th

909 N. 16th                                       

2325 N. 16th                                     What kind of skeleton do you see?

1019 N. 17th                                        What kind of dinosaur is there?

1506 N. 17th                                      Which Peanuts Halloween character do you see?

814 N. 18th                                        Who is the scary sailor?  

1401 N. 18th                                       Who is peeking out the window?

1911 N. 18th

1933 N. 18th                                      Who is the giant white character?

1942 N 18th                                       How many pumpkins can you see?

1401 N. 19th                                       Where is the skeleton?

1518 N. 19th

1709 N. 19th                                     How many ghosts do you see?

1720 N 19th                                      How many pumpkins are stacked up?

1309 N 20th

1410 N. 20th                                    What color is the ghost’s umbrella?

1107 N. 20th                                                       

1115 N. 21st                                        What is floating around?

1502 N. 22nd                                   Who’s face is in the window?

813 N. 22nd                                      What is the ghost eating?

1606 N. 26th                                    Which “Lord of the Rings” characters do you see?

1612 N. 28th                                     Where are the monsters hiding?

1707 N. 31st                                      Where do you see spooky eyes?